We provide a solid foundation of stable pricing, quality and service day-to-day, everyday, so that you can rely on us. That's our commitment.

We pride ourselves on being able to test and provide the data you need in order to complete your project with the confidence that your installation is safe and reliable. Our aim is to provide increasingly more testing data on all of our products so let us know if there's a test you're interested in having us perform!

Dyna Engineering Ltd. was established in 1971 as a tool and die manufacturer providing engineering solutions across many industries. Since then, we have focused that knowledge and experience to open up our own quality line of sign and traffic related products.

Having been a manufacturer for about 50 years, we know that quality doesn't have to be expensive. We have proven that - contact us to load a price list for you on our website.

We are known for our competitive prices across the board. 

Call us crazy but our idea of enjoyment is finding efficiencies in our systems and methods.

We believe that a fair and honest operation is a must-have in earning trust from our customers and material suppliers to create a strong, reliable and ever-lasting supply chain.

Contact us today to find out that our actions speak louder than words!